7 Great Ways to Waylay Winter Workout Woes

It’s easy to fall off the fitness bandwagon when snowflakes are all you see for miles. But just because the sun doesn’t stick around all day doesn’t mean you can slink into an early slumber. You’ve got things to do and keeping up with your health should be #1 on that list.

 Here are seven wonderful workouts you can do inside while you hide from the cold.

  1. You + yoga. The great thing about yoga is that you can do it at your own pace in the privacy of your own home or meet up with friends for an afternoon of downward dog and handstands. As an added benefit, yoga can be used to help you overcome other issues, such as addiction and stress, and find balance during times of turmoil.
  1. Just keep swimming. Swimming is a relaxing full body workout that will make you feel good from the moment you enter the water until long after you’ve dried yourself off. Even if it’s cold out, your local athletic complex probably has an indoor heated pool. The cost of membership is an investment in your health.
  1. Stair stepping (with real stairs!). No gym membership, no problem. You can use your stairs as a substitute for expensive equipment. The University of Michigan reports that stair stepping is, “an excellent form of physical exercise.” Spend 20 minutes each day running or walking up your stairs for a workout that will get your heart pumping while building strong, healthy, and sculpted legs.
  1. Dance ‘til you drop. Hip hop hooray! You can finally use your favorite teen-year tunes to your advantage. Dance is another total body workout that offers both cardiovascular and muscle strengthening benefits. Check out this HowCast YouTube video for a few easy dance moves for beginners. You don’t have to be good, but knowing a few basic steps will help you build your internal library of fun fitness moves to bust out when you’re bored.
  1. Master the Wavemaster. A Wavemaster is a piece of equipment most likely to be found at your local Krav Maga training center. But, if budget allows, you can buy them for home use for about $300. These heavy, freestanding training bags are best used for punching and kicking drills. Century Martial Arts explains the fundamentals of safety and proper striking techniques here.
  1. Martial arts isn’t just for self-defense. Speaking of martial arts, learning this ancient form of self-defense will keep you safer in the event of an emergency but also provides a respectable workout. It requires the guidance of an experienced sensei, a martial arts teacher who is usually a black belt, but isn’t difficult to learn. Martial arts also helps you stay motivated by allowing you to earn new belts and graduate to more difficult drills.
  1. Bounce back from bad habits. Who knew your favorite childhood pastimes would resurface as workouts? Jumping on a trampoline blasts calories, tones muscles, and increases your overall heart health all at once. SheKnows.com reports that trampoline workouts do this without the stress running puts on your joints. A few minutes in the air each day can even help you quash cravings, keeping you on track all winter long.

 While the weather is dreary, no one would blame you if you skipped a workout every now and then in lieu of a warm blanket and hot cocoa. But you don’t want to wake up in May with a winter body so keep to your schedule as much as possible and reward yourself for a job well done. It doesn’t matter if you’re a dancing fool or a Bruce Lee wannabe, stay in motion when you’re stuck indoors. By doing so, you’ll be physically ready to tackle your next adventure outdoors when the warm weather arrives.


Image via Pixabay