Making Career Improvements Happen as a Woman

Believe it or not, ensuring you can improve your career starts before you get the job. The top three things women should look for when searching for a future employer are opportunities for career progression, competitive wages, and flexible work arrangements. Of course, even if you already have a job, it’s never too late for […]

7 Great Ways to Waylay Winter Workout Woes

It’s easy to fall off the fitness bandwagon when snowflakes are all you see for miles. But just because the sun doesn’t stick around all day doesn’t mean you can slink into an early slumber. You’ve got things to do and keeping up with your health should be #1 on that list.

The Many Benefits of Travel – Why You Need to See the World

It’s not surprising that many people cite traveling the world as their ultimate goal. People who experience new places, food, cultures, and people are well-rounded, more intelligent, and happier than people who haven’t done much traveling. Yes, traveling can be expensive, particularly if you’re relying on flights to get to your new destination, but if […]

Improve Your Training by Joining a Running Group

Running isn’t always easy, but that’s the point, isn’t it? Sure, it’s great exercise and a fun way to spend some time outside after being cooped up all day long. But it’s the challenge that makes it so worthwhile. Can you push yourself a little farther today? And can you one day reach the level […]

Self-Care for Busy People of All Ages

It doesn’t matter who you are, the way you care for yourself now defines how you feel in the future. Whether you are a busy new mom, single father, college student, or retired grandparent, you must learn to focus on yourself and integrate self-care methods into your life.