Exploring the Whys and Hows of Entrepreneurship After a Career Hiccup

Career hiccups come in many forms. Maybe you reached the company’s summit in growth opportunities, maybe the company failed, or maybe you and your employer simply aren’t on the same page anymore. Whatever the circumstances, when it’s time for a transition, sometimes starting a business of your own can be the perfect solution for getting your career back on track.  

The Time Is Now

As Enotes explains, there are several benefits from becoming your own boss. You not only get to pursue a vision you’re passionate about, but you can also set your own schedule and choose with whom you work. It allows you the flexibility to pursue personal activities, which can greatly enhance your family and social life. On top of all that, you can decide your direction, and when it’s time to raise the bar on things like income or productivity, it’s all up to you.

Sometimes picking a new direction is simple. Maybe you have an idea burning for money-maker, or maybe you specialize in something and are ready to open a consulting firm. Other times, it’s not so straightforward. You might have many talents and interests, but nothing jumps out at you. Consider taking an online quiz to sift through details that can influence your success, such as resources and hobby interests.  

Seek and You Shall Find?

Whatever direction you decide to go, the last thing you want is for potential customers to not know how to find you. These days, whether you’re selling a product or service, a website is a must-have. Chron.com explains that customers expect to find a website these days, so when you don’t have real estate on the web, it can make them feel your business isn’t valid. If you aren’t a computer whiz, don’t worry — you can create a great website with a handful of tools.

Start with Smart Hosting

Choosing a great web hosting service can get your website started on the right foot. For instance, SiteGround is a popular choice, due in part to the wide variety of features available you can tailor to your startup’s needs. They are also noted to offer outstanding customer service, excellent uptime, and top-notch security — all crucial aspects for a budding business.  Packages start as low as $3.95 per month, which makes it an affordable option for your startup.   

DIY or Hire a Designer?

A solid, user-friendly website offering quality content can not only attract customers, but it can also keep them coming back. You might be on the fence about it, and you may think that spending the money to hire a web designer might be your best substantial outlay right now. And while a web designer can do wonderful things when it comes to creating a unique and engaging website, Thomas Digital points out that there is a better option for most startups: doing it yourself. For many new business owners, the more practical choice is a free website builder, which basically allows for drag-and-drop design capability.  

Make Some Noise

Anticipation can get your business growing long before you even open your doors. With your ideas taking shape, consider a pre-launch marketing campaign to create a buzz about what you’re doing. It’s an opportunity to find people interested in what you intend to offer, and once you catch their attention, you can catch their business as well. You can start building an email list, chat things up on social media, and do some networking with those who can reinforce your standing and keep you on the front page. You will be set up for success right from the start.

Is it time for a startup of your own? Examine your choices, get on the web, and get the word out. Whether you’re butting your head against the top rung of the corporate ladder with no place higher to climb, or you’re simply in need of a new source of income, becoming an entrepreneur can give your career that much-needed shot in the arm.


Image via Unsplash